Dental Care


Simple Dental Advice and Tips for Elderly

Dental health is vital for the elderly because it determines their overall body health. This is why it is essential for them to understand how to take care and maintain good dental health. Here are some dental advice and tips for elderly.

1. Teeth brushing

ie98yhuided7etert4This is the most important way that elderly people can take care of their dental health. It is advisable to brush the teeth at least two times in a day. The most recommended way is to brush the teeth after every meal. Brushing of the teeth can be done when sitting up or any position that the elderly person feels comfortable. Choose the best brush that is suited for the elderly people. Use a soft bristled brush to avoid injuring the gums when brushing. It is also advisable to use small round motions to ensure each tooth is cleaned. After the brushing ensure proper rinsing takes place to remove all residual.

2. Regular dental checkups

Elderly people should go for dental checkups after every six months. The dentists will be able to detect any issue and give advice on the best dental practices for the elderly. However, for any serious dental issue, immediate check up is necessary.

3. Eat the right diet

ui877guy887i4t34In most cases, foods that are easy to prepare and eat have high sugar and refined carbohydrates levels. However, it is good to note that such foods increase the risk of getting dental infections. They increase the chance of getting cavities and increase the risk of dry mouth. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid a lot of such foods. The most recommended foods include milk, proteins, fruits and vegetable that do not have high sugar levels. Foods with a high amount of calcium are also recommended.

4. Stop smoking

There are a number of elderly people who smoke. To enhance dental health, it is advisable for one to quit smoking. This is necessary because smoking increases the risk of gum disease and others that affect the overall health of an elderly.

5. Dentures

An elderly person has high chances of losing a tooth or teeth than a young person. When this happens, dentures act as a great option to replace missing or loose teeth. However, it is good to note that just like the teeth; they are prone to bacteria and plaque. Therefore, dentures should be removed and cleaned daily with a denture brush and soap. You should allow them to soak overnight in warm water. When you remove them at night, brush the gums and teeth using a soft brush.